Jason L. Thompson



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A highly motivated and passionate animator, with professional experience gained at Cloth Cat,   Aardman and Blue Zoo Animation Studios. Advanced technical skills in Maya, creating assets and animated characters for computer games, along with a solid foundation in the principles and practices of animation. Seeking new opportunities and challenges on which to channel a creative, perceptive mind.

Key Skills


Premiere Pro



3D Asset Creation


2017 - 2019: 3D Animator - Cloth Cat, Cardiff


i worked on the hit series ' Shane the Chef'.


2014 - 2017: Freelance Asset Creation / Animator - Evil Twin Artworks, Swindon

Responsible for building 3D assets, such as ships and weapons, for the newly released computer game 'Man O' War: Corsair'.

Worked within a team rigging and animating characters, creating walk, turning, idol, flight, and combat cycles.

Employed creative skills to analyse design ideas used in miniature models and other sources to construct 3D models and create corresponding UV maps for the unity engine.

Consistency and a focus on detail ensured believable assets that conformed within the context of the fantasy world.

Rigorous time management was crucial, balancing the commitments of a full time chef alongside the work as a freelance animator.

2016: Animation Intern - Blue Zoo Animation Studio, London

Introduced to the Blue Zoo animation pipeline and worked on production shots for the children's TV series 'Tree Fu Tom'.

Developed new animation techniques and honed abilities in time management, prioritisation, and communication, meeting the extremely tight deadlines.

2012 - 2015: Chef - National Trust, Swindon

Gained a Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Kitchen Services whilst working full time at the National Trust.

A calm demeanour and proven ability to work under pressure, overcoming the physical and mental challenges of a fast-paced industry.

Fulfilled customer orders quickly, consistently, and to a high standard, whilst working within a demanding, pressured environment.

2007 - 2008: Freelance Digital Artist - Mobile Media, Create, Swindon Borough Council

Responsible for teaching young adults some basic techniques of animation, using Adobe Flash to create short animated pieces consisting of walk cycles and jumps.

2007: Volunteer Animation Technician - Evil Twin Artworks, Swindon

Built up good communication skills working with a wide variety of people, listening and talking through their ideas and teaching them how to transform their ideas into animations.

Working within a team teaching young adults skills in software packages such as Adobe Flash, Adobe Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and Cinema 4D, as well as skills in the use of digital cameras.

2006: Props Maker and Rigger - Future Films, Switzerland

Responsible for creating props for the Swiss stop-motion animated film 'Max & Co', working within the production team to ensure the film was completed on time and in budget.

Successfully set up and managed the rigging department. This employed skills in creative thinking and inventiveness to find solutions that allowed for highly complex scenes to be animated throughout the film.

Keen attention to detail, good imagination skills, and a high level of creativity enabled the accurate interpretation of conceptual drawings, aided by a close working relationship with the animators and directors.

Efficient use of practical model making skills successfully met the ever changing demands and deadlines of the film.

2001 - 2005: Props Maker/Set Dresser - Hot Animation, Manchester

Translated conceptual drawings, created by the art department, into props used in the both TV series 'Rubbadubbas' and 'Bob the Builder'.

Liaised closely with directors and animators to ensure specialised props, such as replacement animatible water, were created as specified within the set time frames.

Built up critical organisational skills in the complex and fast paced industry of television production.

Training and Qualifications

2015: Certificate in Character Animation - Aardman/National Film and Television School

CGI Animation

Realtime Studio Work

Master Classes from industry professionals

2014: VanArts Pixar Workshop - Vancouver Institute of Media Arts


Character Design

Story Development

2012 - 2014: Animation Apprentice - www.animationapprentice.org

Animation Principles

Locomotion, character performance, animals, and creatures

Practical knowledge of Maya, focusing on modelling, texturing, and lighting

2008 - 2011: BA(Hons) Computer Games Design (2:1) - University of Wales

Character Design


Concept Documents


1998 - 2000: HND Art and Design (Model Making) (Merit) - Arts Institute of Bournemouth


Model Making

Visual Design


Available upon request